Sunday, August 27, 2017

Excuse our dust, but we have moved!

I have moved my blog over to a dedicated hosting provider, and we have successfully migrated over to the WordPress platform. We have our own domain name, and exciting new prospects on the horizons. Thank you to our faithful readers, and you can now follow us over at the New and Improved Naomi's Truth

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bra Review: Coobie Scoopneck Bra Full Size

I’m not going to do a full in-depth and detailed review of this bra, because I don’t think it needs one. The coobie bra's, gets raves reviews all over the internet and it's your typical bralette. They claim they are “Ultra comfortable, supportive, and inexpensive“. The scoopneck bra is a simple pull-over style of bralette, it has no structured cups per se. However, it does have some ruching in middle and there are removable pads. They both combine to give the bra, a better overall shape, and structure. The pads really don’t add much bulk, maybe a 1/2” inch at most, they are mostly there for modesty, and to create some separation. I have no complaints over the fit of the bra, they are super stretchy and will conform and contour to your unique breast shapes. The band, is comfortable, and might even be a little too loose in my opinion. However, I do prefer, snug fitting bands, and I might downsize the next time I order. The straps can criss cross in the back, so you can have a racerback option. I love the versatility when a bra allows you to criss cross the straps. A simple option like criss crossing the straps allows the bra to adapt to your clothing rather than the other way around. I wish all bras would have this option.

So getting back to their claims…….. The coobie is the most comfortable bra/bralette in my collection, it’s my go to for the weekend, lounging around the house or even quickly running a errand. The fabric is super soft and is stretchy enough to move with you, and not against you. It’s also my favorite bra to sleep in.

Now, onto the key question, is it supportive?  Simple answer, no it's not. However, bralettes are not really known for their support. Bralettes are not designed to be a everyday bra. Their purpose and function in your bra wardrobe is to be your lounging/weekend/sleeping bra. The Coobie bra serves this purpose extremely well. They are a super soft and stretchy bralette,  and it has some incredible support, compared to the competition. Also, if your breasts are self supporting, or you are in the small bust category, than I definitely could see it being an everyday bra.

The other key question, is price, is it really inexpensive? No, it's about average. Maybe at one time it would have been consider inexpensive. However, in recent years, the bralette market has exploded. Everyone, from American Eagle to Victoria's Secret is now marketing a bralette of some sort. So with all this competition, their quality and service makes this bralette worth considering.

This review was originally written and published by me on another blog of which I ran also. I have updated the review to reflect the current trends and time.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Cis-Privilege, it does exist and it's dangerous!


a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.
Cis / Cisgender:

denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

As I write this article, I know some will accuse me of being a radical Trans Person that hates all Cis People or the evil word, a SJW that's out to destroy all evil CIS People. For which I'll respond with a simple, "Thank You". I try to be evil and diabolical, I don't always succeed though.

Since we have gotten my evil plans to take over the world cleared up, let's move to the point of this article. Cis Privilege. It does exist and it's dangerous. Now by affirming Cis Privilege, I'm not denying that other forms of societal privileges do exist too, like Male Privilege and those can be just as dangerous. People sometimes don't realize the privilege they carry and this is the reason I'm trying to educate people.

As a cisgender person, you have no fears of using public restrooms, because verbal and/or physical abuse will not happen to you in general. You are given equal rights to public spaces including Gyms, Locker Rooms, and Public Restrooms. You will be taken at your word when you give out your name out to people and they will not ask "What's your real name?". Strangers will not assume they have the right to ask what parts you have "down there" or what surgeries you have had. Health Care is one of biggest failures to Trans People. "Doctor, my arm is broken." and the Doctors response, "Well, that's probably related to you being Transgender" or "I don't know how to treat Transgender People, Sorry". Now if you don't believe me look up the hashtag #TransHealthFail. Jobs will not discriminate against you, because of your status. The interviewers won't wonder why you're wearing a Skirt. You can blend in, for the most part and not be humiliated in this world. You don't have this constant fight with Society, Family or Friends to convince them that you're a Man/Woman/Non-Binary, etc and be treated as such. Governments are not out to get you, or deny you fair and equal treatment.

All this privilege is dangerous, because we allow people to stop treating others like human beings. Why should I be denied Employment, Housing or fair and equal treatment under the law, because I'm a Transgender Women? Why should "Womyn-Born-Womyn" spaces be even allowed to exist? We allow differences to divide us. We allow Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt to conquer us. The rates of suicide and murders among the Transgender community is staggering, it's outrageous and it's in part because of Societal Privileges. This is my truth and I live it everyday.

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Store Review: Torrid

Unfortunately, it can be a daunting and sometimes a very unpleasant experience for Trans Women to go shopping for clothes. I have had both very good and very bad, sometimes even downright humiliating experiences at Retail clothing stores. So, this is gonna be my first post in detailing the good, bad, and ugly side of Retail clothing stores, ones designed exclusively for Women and others that has both Men's/Women's sections.

I'm excited for this post, because I get to talk about my fav store for clothes and that is Torrid! This past labor day, they just opened a Store in a mall that is close to where I live. YAY! I'm in love. Torrid is for the trendy/hipster Trans and Cis Women alike. The majority of their clothing trends towards the more fashionable crowd vs Lane Bryant which is more conservative.

Torrid as a whole seems super Trans friendly, I've emailed corporate several times especially in regards to their fitting room policies. Also, their stores tend to carry the same vibe and mentality as Corp. The store I visit almost on a daily basis, I have never ever had a bad experience. The staff is always super friendly and very accepting of all Women regardless of gender identity. I'm always more than welcome to use the fitting room. They write down your name on the fitting room's door, which in my opinion is a nice touch.

The Sales Associates at this store always wants to make sure Women leave feeling their best. All women have so many insecurities about their bodies and it really helps when we have an friendly and accepting face to turn, when we need to buy clothes, because we as Women deserve to feel beautiful. Torrid will help you feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why I choose to write about Fashion and Lingerie?

I know this topic might come up, so let's clear the air. Why fashion? Why Lingerie? Especially, since lingerie can be in some circles, a taboo topic. So why write about these topics? Simple, it's something, I can be passion about and a old college professor once told me, write about what you know. Also, it's a way I can give back too. Although, clothes or lingerie may not make the Women, it's certainly can make her feel Sexy and Empowered. Who doesn't want to feel Sexy? Coming out as a Transgender Women certainly will have many stumbling blocks including the ability to feel comfortable in your clothes. It's all an learning process, finding your style, finding the Women inside of you.

I know from personal experiences, that after I came out, and started wearing Womens clothes including Lingerie it felt right on one level, but I still was uncomfortable. Now, some of the feeling was simply 35 years of forced male clothes that made it uncomfortable. The other part, was simply the learning curve in finding my feminine style. Every Women, Cis or Trans will have their unique style to them, and this is a learning process.

Beyond finding your unique style, you'll also have to find your size in clothes, panties, and your bra size. These can be daunting tasks for Cis-Women, let alone Trans Women who will bring their own uniqueness when it comes to sizing. Although, I'm far from a expert in any of this, I'm still learning myself. However, what I can do is share my opinions, experiences, and stories which should give you a baseline. I want to empower every women Cis or Trans to feel SEXY.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Truth Will Set You Free

Welcome to Naomi's Truth. I'm a Transgender Women, and I'm very proud of this fact. Thirty-five years of my life was spent as a lie, conforming to the demands of my family and society. The world was not ready for Transgender people years ago, and in reality it's still not ready. Trans people rates of Harassment, Violence, Murders, and Discrimination are still way too high. We are victims way too often. However, ready or not, I can no longer live a lie. I can't hide from the world any longer. I need to be free.

Personal change often begins with your inner truth, and this was a lesson that took me a while to understand. As I became an Adult with all the demands and expectations of being one, i was simply not happy. I drifted for long long time, never went full time at my Community College. Also, I was increasingly becoming more and more unhappy with my job at the time. I was searching for a reason to live, searching for my place in this world. I was fighting daemons that I didn't know how to fight or control. Feb of 2016, my life was turned upside down when I lost my Truck Driving Job. My life was a disaster in more ways than you could count.  I needed to make life-alternating changes, or I would continue this same principle of just going along, and never achieving anything in life.

My truth needed to be set free or else I would never be a happy and productive member of this society. I would never achieve my full potential in life, and never be successful in anything that matters the most like Relationships, Family, Friends, Hobbies or my career. So this is my truth, and this blog will be about me and my passion of Transgender issues, Body Positivity, Lingerie, Fashion, and Clothing.

I'm living everyday as my true authentic self and the truth is setting me free.